A Cosmetic Miracle: Kuko Singapor's Kuko Beauty Fascia Resculpting

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This is a play dough - a kid’s toy, pliable and malleable but on top of that, this will help us understand today’s story.

I live in South Korea, the unofficial capital of cosmetic surgery, but today’s beauty story takes place in another country called


Welcome to Singapore.

I want to introduce you to an innovative breakthrough in the cosmetics industry, where attaining a more like just a visit to your nearest fascia sculptor.

Cosmetic surgery is an industry that is worth around $21 billion and most of these expenses fall under the concept of surgery or going under the knife.

Plastic surgery although becoming safer is still not without complications.

In Singapore, a new innovation promises lasting results like plastic surgery but without having to be cut open and without side effects. It is called

Plastic surgery


But first, what in the world is fascia?

Well, a fascia is a connective tissue that is right in between our skin and muscle and around organs.

The science behind this innovation is that fascia is flexible and can be re-sculpted into forms that are more pleasing to the sight.

Just like a play dough, fascia can be modeled and re-sculpted. This is a very new innovation that only one place in Singapore is offering this.

Here are some of their satisfied customers who received services and came back for more because it just works.


Kuko Beauty specializes in this kind of treatment and if you are ever around, it is worth a visit.

Although I would be the first to tell you to love yourself and be happy with what you have, some people find their joy in this kind of treatment.

With body alterations and cosmetic surgery becoming more and more socially acceptable, maybe it’s about time it becomes not as risky, invasive or costly. 

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