The Reason You Get Stubborn Fats!

Why will we people get stubborn fats?

It must be Belt Vessel Issues!!

What is “belt vessel”? It refers to the only transverse running vein of the human body between the waist and abdomen. The word "belt" in " belt vessel" means belt in our daily life. Because it runs across the waist and abdomen, commanding the straight channels of the whole body, the shape is like a belt, so it is called "belt vessel".There are many reasons for abdominal obesity, such as irregular work and rest lead to endocrine disorders, love to eat high calorie food, sedentary and not exercise. All of this causes fat to build up in the abdomen.

why will we get stubborn fats !

Abdominal obesity is a headache. In real life, it's not just overweight people who have big stomachs like they've been carrying a swimming circle. Even people who look very slim will have small bellies, just like pregnancy

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, abdominal obesity is often caused by the blockage of a special channel - "Belt vessel". Therefore, if you want to say goodbye to fat tummy, you must first make the belt vessel unobstructed.      Belt vessel blockage equals abdominal obesity.

In fact, belt vessel as one of the Eight Extraordinary channels, is just like a belt equipped with the human body. And its main function is to restrain other channels.

What is the function of a belt? It's just to keep the pants not loose, so we wear a tight belt around the waist.

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Our body’s belt vessel also has this effect. The other channels run vertically from top to bottom, but the belt vessel is surrounded horizontally, as if it ties the longitudinal channels with a rope. Therefore, once the belt vessel is blocked, it will cause the body's many channels to be blocked in the waist and abdomen.

Many people unconsciously found that their abdomen, waist more and more fat. And no matter how they exercise, they can't get slim.

As a result, this only explains a truth that belt vessel is blocked, lacks of strength, can no longer prevent the waist and abdomen fat becomes more. It's like our belt is broken and we can't tighten our pants, so the fat will be exposed.

Keep the abdomen warm so as to avoid belt vessel stasis.

Dress warm and don’t catch a cold. And less low waist trousers and open waist clothes will avoid belt vessel stasis. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the abdomen is “the abdomen is the capital of five viscera and six Fu organs, and is the source of yin and Yang Qi and blood”.

Abdomen is Yin, all yin channels should pass through abdomen, such as kidney channel, spleen channel, etc. If you have a cold in the abdomen, it is easy to let the pulse become blood stasis.So you must pay attention to the maintenance of the abdomen and the how to slim down fast? ask kukobeauty.comdredging of the abdomen.

For the love to wear low waist pants, open waist dress, if you do not want to have a small belly fat, it is necessary to change the dress habits. Especially in summer, even if you feel very hot, you should protect your abdomen and cover it with a thin quilt when you sleep.


Often scraping belt vessel can lose weight and relieve constipation.

If you want to let the blocked belt vessel recover unobstructed and say goodbye to the belly. It's a good way to tap the veins often.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that there are many advantages in tapping and maintaining the belt vessel.

First, it favors the metabolism of fat and reduces the production of excrescences.Especially, it is odd to lose weight for both flanks of abdomen and waist.

Second, intestinal motility can be increased, with excellent laxative effects for those with constipation.

Finally, the channel can be allowed to run faster, which has the effect of adjusting a tourniquet and expelling liver stagnation, so that blood stasis heat, which may be placed here, can be eliminated.It is helpful to have a cool and often distressing waist, to have dysmenorrhea, and to prevent and treat gynecological diseases.


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