Facial Hair Removal Singapore


Facial Hair Removal Singapore

Facial hair removal is unlike hair removal in other body parts because this area is especially more sensitive.

The usual hair removal methods you’d deploy on other body parts require extra, special attention when applied to the face. Moreover, this area is particularly prone to bumps, scarring, and injuries if not done right.

What hair removal method is the right fit for your facial skin, you might ask. Possible options include shaving razor, shaving cream, hair removal sprays, sugar waxing, hair removal pads etc.

In spite of that, in about 2 weeks or less, more hair come growing back after using this method. Besides, these methods don’t tackle in-grown hairs.

What you really need is a total and permanent hair removal method!

Facial Hair Removal Singapore

*Individual results may vary.

Ever Head Of SHR?

SHR is a patented technology that delivers low heat at equal energy levels to hair follicle cells. This technique is particularly suited for the face as it uses very little heat ensuring little to no side effects.

Can You Use SHR On All Parts Of The Face?

Yes, you can! Are you looking for permanent chin hair removal? Nose hair removal? Upper lip hair removal? Eyebrow hair removal? SThe SHR features the best facial hair removal technology with safe practices suited to these areas.

SHR Vs Other Regular Laser Treatments

Regular laser treatment is usually not effective for dark-complected skins or blonde-colored hair.

This means that only pale to wheatish colored skins with dark hair benefit the most from this procedure.

SHR, however, works with all skin tones and hair types as it essentially targets stem cells responsible for hair synthesis.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Because SHR uses very low thermal energy, you won’t feel a thing during this procedure. All you know is someone holding something over your face

Kuko Beauty offers pain-free facial hair removal in Singapore at competitive prices.

What To Expect?

With licensed and trained specialists, we take your safety as top priority. SHR uses low thermal energy and it is 100% without pain. We guarantee topnotch and reliable service!  

It’ll take a minimum of 6 sessions to ensure permanent hair removal in all areas of the face. What’s more, no waxing or threading required.

Now, are you convinced that SHR is for you? At Kuko Beauty, our licensed and highly skilled staff are always available to guarantee you a pain-free, permanent result. So, make an appointment today!
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*Individual results may vary.

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