Gastrointestinal Therapy in Singapore Orchard

Gastrointestinal Therapy

Gastrointestinal Therapy in Singapore Orchard

Once the stomach meridian weakens, various disturbing symptoms of aging will take advantage of its weakness, such as a large amount of hair loss, hair split ends, breakage, dullness on the skin es. Spots and wrinkles will start to form, breasts will gradually shrink, fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen, ovarian and uterine function decline. 、

Benefits of approaching Gastrointestinal Therapy:

The function of regulating qi energy, promoting blood circulation and activating cells.

  • The effect of improving cell nutrition.
  • Strengthen the function of suction.
  • Adjust the functions of various secretory glands.
  • The function of enhancing immunity.
  • Nourish skin and prevent skin aging


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