Ingrown Foot Nail Singapore Orchard

Ingrown Foot Nail Singapore Orchard

Ingrown Foot Nail Singapore

Are you bothered by an ingrown foot nail? An ingrown nail can be the most menacing condition. The pain, the redness, the sore, the swelling can cause the most disruptions and discomfort to movement in our daily lives. You need not to worry anymore. Regardless of how bad it is, Kuko Beauty provides the best treatment to help fix this condition in a completely painless procedure without the need for a surgery.

Ingrown Foot Nail Singapore Orchard

Ingrown Foot Nail

An ingrown foot nail is a common condition caused by a number of factors. It is generally caused by the ingrowth of the nail at the edge which bends and keeps into the skin. Once this occurs, it causes redness and inflammation in the affected area. Initially, it only causes a little pain in the affected area. But as the ingrowth continues, the pain heightens as it causes swelling of the toe. As the condition continues, it may cause an infection in the toe. In addition, it may even become a recurring problem. Ingrown foot nails mostly affect the big toes.

Ingrown Foot Nail Singapore Orchard

Causes of Ingrown Foot Nail

  • Enlargement of the nail skin edge
  • Cutting the toenail too short and irregular trimming of the toenail
  • Hereditary condition,
  • Putting on tight shoes
  • Injury by aggressive pedicures
  • Athletic activities especially sports and dancing

Ingrown Foot Nail Singapore Orchard

Is The Condition Corrective?

Yes, the condition is corrective. Kuko Beauty provides a corrective and permanent solution to Ingrown Foot Nail problems. Moreover, it is 100% a painless procedure.

How It Works?

Kuko Beauty adopts an amazing method for Ingrown foot nail treatment. This process uses the understanding of why such conditions occur in the first place to provide a corrective approach to cure it permanently. It is about finding the root cause of the problem and fixing it.

How We Treat an Ingrown Foot Nail at Kuko Beauty?

  • At first, the nail condition is examined.
  • Next is the careful removal of the affected foot nail.
  • Treatment with antiseptic for the purpose of avoiding infection.
  • Lastly, treatment with mould to guide proper growth of nail subsequently.


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Do you have an ingrown nail infected big toe? Our special treatment help to fix affected foot nail. We give the best treatment for ingrown nail cure that can relieve your pain in no time.  

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