Ingrown Nail Treatment Singapore Orchard

Ingrown Nail Treatment Singapore

Ingrown Nail can be the most menacing condition. The pain, the redness, the sore, the swelling can cause the most disruptions and discomfort to movement in our daily lives. Surgery, which seems to be the popular solution to ingrown nail treatment does not guarantee a permanent solution. But with Kuko beauty ingrown nail treatment, you do not need to worry anymore. Kuko Beauty provides the best treatment for ingrown nail cure that can relieve you without surgery. Yes, you read correctly, without surgery.

Kuko Beauty is the first and only one in Singapore with expert knowledge and skill to carry out this treatment. Kuko beauty is the only company in Singapore that gives this treatment. However, the method is not novel as it is also adopted in several beauty companies around the world with people having their ingrown nails cured without going into surgery.

Ingrown Nail Treatment Singapore Orchard

How it works?

Kuko Beauty adopts an amazing method for ingrown nail treatment. This process uses the understanding of the occurrence of such conditions to provide a corrective approach to cure it.  It is about finding the root cause of the problem and fixing it.

Ingrown Nail Treatment Singapore Orchard

Treatment Procedure

  1. Firstly, the therapist examines the condition of the nail.
  2. Thereafter, the ingrown nail is removed with care in a zero pain procedure.
  3. Then, the treatment of the affected toe with antiseptic to prevent infection.
  4. Finally, affected toe is treated with a mould to guide the growth of the nail in future. This approach is highly corrective as it would help your nail to grow back on its own naturally.

Duration for Treatment

Generally, the duration of the treatment and process depends on the individual. The entire treatment may need 6 to 12 sessions to achieve full and permanent recovery.

Advantages of Kuko Beauty Ingrown Nail Treatment

Ingrown nail treatment from Kuko Beauty has the following to offer:

  • No surgery is required
  • No medication is required
  • It is a painless procedure and no anesthetic required
  • It promises a permanent cure
  • You can carry out daily activities without disturbance after each treatment.
  • It is 100% risk-free with a guarantee of refunding money if treatment does not work.

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