IPL Super Hair Removal Singapore

IPL Super Hair Removal Singapore

A common thing with most hair removal methods is the uncanny amount of time you spend doing them. Making a lot of wave in the hair removal frenzy are the IPL and Super Hair Removal, SHR methods. Naturally, a comparison question follows, which is better?

IPL Super Hair Removal Singapore

What Does The IPL Treatment Entail?

In full, Intense Pulsed Light and going by its name, it involves the application of intense pulses of light to heat up and destroy the hair follicles.

The IPL hair removal procedure is melanin-dependent as melanin serves as a medium through which heat is sent down to the hair follicles.

Side Effects and Contraindications?

Before picking IPL as the best permanent hair removal option for you, there are certain things you need to consider. As earlier mentioned, the procedure is melanin-dependent so first, you want to consider your skin tone and color.

Too little hair melanin, for instance, blonde, white or gray hair means no medium for heat to pass through and is thus ineffective for hair removal in these cases.

On the other hand, excess hair melanin as is the case with Africans means excess heat absorption by melanin and this could pose risks to hair follicles and other surrounding tissues.

These risks manifest as skin burns and hyperpigmentation thus making it quite a painful procedure.


One hair removal option though that does relatively better and ranks low on the pain scale is the SHR in full, Super Hair Removal.

The SHR hair removal machine uses innovative technology to convey minimal amounts of energy through the skin and melanin down to the follicles to destroy them. Unlike the IPL technique, SHR can be used safely on all skin types and colors.

It is also suitable for areas with high sensitivity like the face, pubic region and virtually everywhere!

Want To Give This Safe and Effective Hair Removal Option A Trial?

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