Pain Free Facial Hair Removal Singapore

Pain Free Facial Hair Removal Singapore

The cheapest and most common hair removal methods very often involve quite an amount of pain. Some of these include :

Tweezing: This could be quite tedious especially if you have to work on a large expanse of hair.  Scarring could also occur while plucking.

Depilatories: Its alkalinity could cause skin burns and upset the skin’s pH especially on an area like the face. The end result could be a burn or an increased susceptibility to skin infections.

Waxing: This method though common, is one very harsh hair removal option that uses resin wax. Post-effect of waxing could cause extreme redness and even scabs if you have an extra-sensitive face.

The face has a relatively small expanse of skin so why go through extreme pain for hair removal there?

Here’s one zero-pain facial hair removal method we’ll fully recommend- The SHR Technique.

Pain Free Facial Hair Removal Singapore

What Is The SHR?

SHR in full is Super Hair Removal. It involves using pulses of low heat energy at a much higher frequency to heat up and destroy hair follicles.

How Painless Is The SHR Procedure?

In very plain terms, if 10 on a pain index spanning 0-10, equals very painful, SHR would score a 0.5. Yes! That’s how much pain you’d expect to feel.

During an SHR session, all you know is someone holding a probe-like instrument over your skin. So you feel no actual pain!

If It Is Pain Free, Is The Hair Removal Permanent?

First of all, the amount of pain you feel during a hair removal procedure has no correlation to its effectiveness in killing off hair follicles.

Where tweezing, waxing or depilatories only take care of protruding hair cuticles, SHR destroys stem cells responsible for hair synthesis. So with SHR, you’re sure to get a really long-term and painless solution to your problems.

At Kuko Beauty, all our SHR sessions start with a detailed assessment so we can decide how best to serve you. We have fully-trained SHR specialists coupled with the best SHR machines to give the exact results you want.

Imagine never having to deal with the pain of a tweezer or waxing again! We also have special laser hair removal for Indian skin.

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