SHR, Super Hair Removal Singapore

SHR, Super Hair Removal Singapore

The most common hair removal methods are usually temporary because they only remove skin-surface hair. They don’t tackle what makes these hairs grow in the first place- the hair follicles. SHR, super hair removal was made with this and many other factors in mind.

SHR, Super Hair Removal Singapore

What is SHR?

The SHR, in full is the Super Hair Removal. It is a patented procedure by Alma Laser which uses heat to kill hair follicles.  This heat energy passes through part-skin and part-melanin medium down to the hair follicles to destroy them.

How Safe Is The SHR, Super Hair Removal For My Skin?

Previous laser practices were mainly melanin-dependent for heat transmission. Because the melanin absorbs a lot of heat, it puts both target follicle cells and other neighboring tissues at risk.

In contrast, the SHR, super hair removal procedure evenly distributes low amounts of heat across skin & melanin media. This makes it very skin-safe.

Is SHR Suitable For Skin Tones?

Because of the reason stated above, SHR is suitable for all skin tones and colors. It is also an absolutely painless hair removal method.

How Many SHR Sessions Do I Need For Complete Hair Removal?

In order to ensure complete hair removal in all its growth stages, 6 treatment sessions are necessary. This stretches over a 4-week interval.

Is SHR Suitable For All Body Parts?

SHR, super hair removal uses low heat, thus, it is completely safe to use on the most sensitive regions like the face, eyebrows, nose, upper lip and even pubic region.

So long as you don’t want hair there, SHR is a painless permanent option for complete hair removal. We at Kuko Beauty are available to give you these services!

With top-notch SHR-trained specialists, we guarantee a painless, permanent hair removal procedure.

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