Super Back Hair Removal Singapore

Super Back Hair Removal Singapore

It’s a regular practice to spend an undue part of your day plucking out hair from areas like your face and legs. Still, tiny hair strands sprout out from areas you thought you had sorted. Even more tedious, is doing this in hard to reach regions like the back. Have you heard of a super back hair removal process that takes just a few minutes to get done?

Famously dubbed the SHR, this revolutionary technique is a patented treatment that utilizes low heat at equal energy levels. The probe repetitively targets and delivers energy to hair follicle cells to destroy them. In this process, no surrounding tissues or cells are harmed.

Super Back Hair Removal Singapore

How Long Does A SHR Back Session Take?

How long a typical super back hair removal session takes will depend on the area being worked on. In this case, the back has quite a long expanse of skin so it should take from 10-15 mins.

How Many Sessions Do You Need For Permanent Hair Removal?

For complete and permanent hair removal, you’ll need at least 6 sessions. This is so that complete hair removal in the different hair growth stages is possible. However, you’ll need a touchup procedure in about 2-3 years from initial treatment application.

Kuko Beauty Salon in Singapore is the place to come to for a super back hair removal procedure.

What To Expect At A Typical SHR Back Session At Kuko Beauty

On first getting here, a full consultation and patch test are done. This is where we first check for contraindications and know if the treatment will be suitable for you.

Also, we tailor a specific plan for our individual clients so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

We would typically advise you to come with hair still intact at the affected area. This is so that correct diagnosis is possible during the consultation.

We use the best SHR technology to make sure you never have to worry about shaving, waxing or plucking. Call 6634-8255 now for the best prices!
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*Individual results may vary.

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