Super Hair Removal Laser Singapore

Super Hair Removal Laser Singapore

Heard of a groundbreaking hair removal technology called the Super Hair Removal (SHR)?

In comparison to the IPL and other laser removal techniques, the SHR, super hair removal technology is a lot more comfortable and effective.

 Super Hair Removal Laser Singapore

What Is SHR And How Does It Work?

For any standard hair removal practice, what you want to target are the hair follicle cells. The aim is to destroy them and ensure permanent hair removal without going beyond to harm surrounding tissues.

The SHR, super hair removal technology has just the best practices for this.

Essentially, what the SHR, super hair removal technology does is to denature the follicles causing hair growth by heating up the skin dermis around the targeted area. More precisely, it uses low energy at equal and high-frequency levels continuously targeted to kill the cells of the hair follicles.

SHR Techniques Vs Other Standard & Laser Hair Removal Practices

The SHR, super hair removal technique uses a built-in cooler on its probe. This cools the skin during the hair removal process & ensures there are no burns and skin irritation afterward.

In contrast, the IPL, for example, uses high temperature to denature follicles. As a result, this could burn the skin in the process and could be quite discomforting.

Additionally, SHR delivers low heat at very quick intervals. This consequently translates to very brief treatment periods as opposed to longer sessions with other methods. This is why SHR is one of the best permanent hair removal methods out there.

How Many SHR Sessions Do I Need?

To ensure complete and permanent hair removal in the desired region, you’ll need about 6 hair removal sessions over four-week intervals.

Finally, we’re excited to let you know that this pain-free and permanent hair removal technique is available at Kuko Beauty Salon in Singapore.

With our SHR-proficient staff, you’re sure to have a safe, permanent, and painless solution to your hair removal problems! It comes with zero side effects!

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