Upper Lip Hair Removal Singapore

Upper Lip Hair Removal Singapore

Upper lip hair removal or hair removal in any other region is a decision that’s quite personal. Understandably, certain factors could contribute to the growth of hair in this region. Some of these, for example, could be hormonal imbalances or hereditary factors.

In females, an overproduction of androgen by the ovaries can result in unwanted hair in certain regions of the body.

Whatever might be the cause, it is usually not a pretty sight to behold and could sometimes even trigger esteem issues.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of upper lip hair removal options available. But how well do they work?

Upper Lip Hair Removal Singapore

Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

Depilatories: These are alkaline chemical products that come in different forms. It could be in gel, powder or lotion forms. Though inexpensive, the alkalinity of it could upset your skin pH and cause a variety of skin irritations.

Electrolysis: This uses a needle-like probe to kill off hair follicles. Though considered by the FDA as the only permanent hair removal method, it is quite painful and expensive. Also, you need repeat sessions to achieve desired results.

IPL: Short form for Intense Pulsed Light, it involves thermal energy which uses melanin as a heat medium to destroy hair follicle cells. It comes with limitations and side effects. Firstly, treatment can be quite painful. Secondly, it is ineffective for people with dark skin.

SHR: Short form for Super Hair Removal, it uses a revolutionary technology to deliver energy at low levels to destroy hair follicles. This hair removal method is the safest and the one we’ll definitely recommend!

Why SHR?

Because SHR uses low thermal energy, it is absolutely painless. This makes it suitable for upper lip hair removal and for use on other similarly sensitive regions. Also, SHR works great for all skin colors and skin tones.

What To Expect At A SHR Session At Kuko Beauty

Our staff are SHR-trained and are available to give you a completely painless upper lip hair removal service. First, we advise you to still leave the hair intact so we can do a precise patch test before proper SHR sessions begin.

Also, it is important to not have used any form of chemical or waxing in this region 4-6 weeks before treatment.

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