Belt Vessel Treatment 带脉护理

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Belt Vessel Treatment 带脉护理

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The Secret to lose weight fast ! 

Belt Vessel Treatment 带脉护理  fast sliming with kuko beauty


Natural Weight Loss 

No Side Effect . No Medications . Detox Procedure 

Yes, You do not need for another Sit Up to lose weight or reduce your tummy size.

Service Time : 40 Minutes 

 Best Slimming Company in Singapore


Stimulate fat

Scraping produces a certain stimulating effect by scraping the meridians. When these stimuli are introduced into adipose tissue, it can accelerate the decomposition of fat and inhabit the synthesis of fat.



If you are facing problem such as : 

  • 减肚腩 Reduce Tummy 
  • 便秘 Constipation                     
  • 减肥 Slimming
  • 胃胀/胃痛/胃酸过多 Bloated/ Gastric pain
  • 胃下垂 Gastroptosis
  • 内分泌失调 Endocrine disorders
  • 月经失调 Irregular Menstruation
  • 痛经 Menstrual pain
  • 高血脂,脂肪肝 Fatty Liver / Hyperlipidemia
  • 帮助男性女性-助孕 Increase For Man & Women Pregnancy  




Before & After Picture 

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best slimming solutions in singapore

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best slimming solutions in singapore








As society developed, having a slim body became the ideal female beauty standard. As a result of this, many women have taken their pursuit of beauty to the extreme. Some have even gone as far as to sacrifice their health for beauty. 

Kuko Beauty believes in prioritising health over the pursuit of beauty And after 4 years of research & development, we’re now the only beauty salon with our trademark slimming technique.

So that people like you can achieve a slim, slender figure without harming yourself.

Stop starving & depriving yourself of favourite foods and snacks everyday and forcing yourself to hit the gym to achieve that ideal figure you’ve always wanted.

Over the past couple of years, we have successfully helped our clients achieve a slimmer body with the help of traditional Chinese medicine. By stimulating their meridians and acupoints, we’ve helped them to lose weight, regulate their metabolism, and slim down.

With the help of our treatment, you can slim down naturally and safely. This means that you don’t need to undergo any injection, operations or take any supplements that might potentially result in death!

Our treatments are 100% all natural, with no side effects..



Special For 1st Time customer :

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- Complimentary Body Assessment - 20min (Worth $87) 


Duration is - 40Min 

*Company reserve all rights *Price might change prior notice 

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