Fascia ReSculpting Refundable Booking Deposit $10

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Fascia ReSculpting Refundable Booking Deposit $10

Regular price $10.00


Why is there a need of $10 deposit to book an appointment?

Similar to the concept of why a hotel requires a check-in deposit.

Our fully refundable $10 deposit is required to:

  • Better manage no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  • Treat all clients fairly and give everyone an equal opportunity to secure popular time slots.
  • Prevent wastage of resources, space and equipment that is required for the Fascia Health Check.


For these reasons, we ask that you commit to the date and time of the appointment that you have scheduled with us.

When will you refund me the $10 deposit?

The $10 deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your Fascia Health Check Assessment. 

Here’s a nutshell of the entire process:


Step 1: Book an appointment with us now.

Step 2: Fill up a short questionnaire, and pay the deposit to secure a timeslot.


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Step 3: Visit our salon on your appointment date & time.

Step 4: Retrieve your $10 deposit at the end of the session.

Why should I trust your beauty salon?

Kuko Beauty is an award-winning beauty salon that has successfully transformed the bodies of hundreds of satisfied clients.

Our awards and happy clients are a testament to the effectiveness of our treatment and the trust that our customers have in us.

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